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Here’s How to Learn the Backflip

I will show you the exact steps and detailed system to help YOU learn how to do a backflip. All without having to step foot in a gym or have a spotter to assist you.

Recently I was on set for a national commercial shoot, performing stunts. The set up involved me on an astro turf field in the middle of January with a huge sprinkler system soaking me with water to create the image of a rainy football game.

The client wanted me to pull out something spectacular for the final catch. They wanted me to catch the football in mid-air while doing a backflip.

I had my brother throw me the ball. I caught the ball the very first backflip I attempted. I did a few more takes to get just the right shot and was finished. The only reason I was able to perform the move so quick was because my backflip is second nature to me and all I had to focus on was catching the ball. The thought of failing the backflip was not even there.

When I finished the shot some of the crew members asked, “How many years of gymnastics have you taken? How did you learn how to flip like that?”

I have never taken gymnastics and I am self-taught.

I just played soccer most of my life but my love for flips and acrobatics all started when I learned how to do a backflip.

Here's a video of Kyle Callaway doing his very FIRST BACKFLIP after watching my "Get Your Backflip Now!" program.


The Best Way To Learn How To Do A Backflip

I know, odds are, you want to learn your backflip or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. But what do most guys do about it?


They watch all the cool videos at home. Imagine themselves flipping around like spiderman. Then there’s a small chance they will go outside and think about trying some of the moves instead of playing video games that day. They fool around for a little bit then give up on the move. Go back inside and continue with their average lives. The thought of doing a flip becomes just a dream to them.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way for your backflip!

Learning the backflip is just another skill to LEARN. Just like learning how to walk, speak, and play a sport. You have to, build and develop muscles you’re not used to using and the more you train with the right technique the better your skill or flip gets.

When I was younger, about 13 years old, I was fascinated by one trick: That was the backflip.

Fellow classmates at my school would do backflips and have competitions at recess break.  All the kids and GIRLS at school would circle around and watch their amazing feats. I thought they were the coolest kids in my school and I wanted to be able to do flips like they could.

So I promised myself I would learn how to do a backflip no matter how long it took.

My brother and I grew up in a small town in Texas and didn’t have access to a gym nor the 100’s of dollars to have a professional teach us.

So our front yard became our training ground.

The thought of attempting a backflip scared the heck out of me. I always thought I would not get enough height, or rotate to slow and break my neck or something.

Most backflip tutorials and instructors show you the proper form and technique to do a backflip but don’t show you HOW to get over the FEAR of going BACKWARDS and UPSIDE DOWN without a spotter.

Through months of trial and error, studying the kids at recess, watching everything on the internet, asking for tips and advice. We finally stumbled upon a system that allowed us to get over the fear of going backwards and master the backflip.

Since then we have used this system to master a lot of our other flips on our own with no instruction or coaching.

This system is not taught in gymnastic gyms and I have not seen a tutorial video on the internet that uses this system as well.

We have only told a handful of people this system until now, in this video.

You might want to make a career out of your flips, become a stunt man in the future. You might just want to learn your backflip for fun. Either way this video will help you.


Here's what Alvin had to say about "Get Your BACKFLIP Now":


"The videos serve as a very useful guide especially for those like me who always have great mental fear in learning and getting the backflip. Not easy especially when I do not have access to a proper gym or someone to teach me, Well thanks to the videos from Tapp Brothers, my journey towards getting the backflip has become much more progressive. I love how the videos break down the process of learning backflip into very simple and achievable method. The methods and training systems from the videos do help cater for those who do not have any gymnastic or acrobatic background. It contains many useful and basic foundation exercises that has help boost my confidence level as I gradually conquer my fear in getting my backflip done!"

- Alvin Er, Malaysia

3 Things "YOU" Should "NOT" Do If You WANT To Learn Your "BACKFLIP"

If you follow these 3 RULES you will SAVE yourself alot of TIME, MONEY, and Potential PAIN of injurying yourself severely. If you DON'T follow these RULES,

it will take you FOREVER to learn the backflip, you could end up WASTING MONEY, and you will most likely INJUR yourself, Which is definitely not cool.

The backflip consists of your body jumping from your feet on the ground and rotating 360 degrees(feet over head) to land back on your feet again.

We do NOT want to only go 180 degrees.. because then we land on our neck, which will most likely end with a loud cracking noise and a tingling sensation in our legs. Congratulations! We just broke our NECK!

The back flip is a move that can be performed on flat ground from a standing position, by taking a couple of steps backwards into the backflip, or from a forward run. When you perform a forward run you will need to perform a "round off" to set your body into the backflip.


#1.  "NEVER" just go for the "BACKFLIP"

NEVER just go for it! If we just go for it without an prior training, conditioning, or body coordination for the back flip. Guess what? Unless we are a FREAK of nature and can somehow get it on the FIRST TRY, we are not going to land it.

We will most likely squirril out and land awkwardly on  our face. If we are lucky we may have our hands out to brace our fall. If we don't freak out and actually do commit, our form will most likely be all wrong and we will end up landing on the top of our neck or if we're lucky, our hands and knees.

You need to learn the RIGHT technique and have a SYSTEM to build into the backflip.


#2. "DON'T" try it OUTSIDE unless you HAVE to

Try this in a gym or SOFT environment! The backflip is a difficult move and very SCARY to learn. It's always safest to attempt it first with an instructor in a gym. But I know if you were like me when I first tried my backflip, you may not have the money or resources for this option.  

If you hire an instructor or have private lessons it can set you back $100 an hour. Take a class and you could spend $20 a class sharing time with a bunch of other kids who will probably all be about 5 years old.

The big class environment Sucks in particular for learning. I've had people go into classes and it take them almost a YEAR just to learn the standard BACKFLIP. Of course a lot of this depends on the person and the teacher you hire.

If you have the money for 1on 1 private lessons, then I would definitely take that option. This is certainly the safest option. But I know a lot of us don't have that option.

If you can't afford it or it isn't a good fit for you, you still definitely want to find a soft area for your first attempts.

Look for open gyms or padding you can find around where you live. I learned my backflip on grass but for other flips I used track and field mats left out at schools, old mattress' at home, local sand pits, and then when I could afford it, open gyms for about 5-10$ for 2-3hr sessions.


#3. "IF" you're SCARED DON'T do IT

There is a very good reason why we are very SCARED to do the BACKFLIP. We are attempting to go inverted in the air and HOPE we land on our feet. We haven't conditioned our mind or our body to perform the move. Our brain is saying NOOO because our brain knows we are about to BAIL really hard. So we need to listen to our brain! Don't do it! Being a little nervous is fine, but being deathly scared is not.

There is a way to take AWAY the FEAR. But you must follow a step by step process that will condition your mind and body to perform the move. As your body becomes COMFORTABLE  with the motion, so will your mind.


3 Things "YOU" Need To KNOW To Get Your "BACKFLIP"

#1. "YOU" need to be "FIT"

If we WEIGH 300 lbs, all fat, odds are we will NOT be able to perform a backflip. Think about it, the MORE dead weight, or fat, we have to carry, the MORE weight we have to push against earth’s gravitational pull. Meaning the LESS we can jump.

The more EFFICIENT your muscle to weight ratio, the HIGHER you will jump. The higher you can jump, the more TIME you give yourself to rotate around.

The LESS dead weight you have to carry, the TIGHTER you can tuck. The tighter you tuck, the FASTER you rotate in the air. The faster you rotate, the QUICKER you are able to land on your feet.

Meaning that the BETTER shape we are in, the BETTER our backflip will be. So we want to be in the best shape we can be. You use your WHOLE body when you perform the back flip, so your whole body NEEDS to be developed.

The TYPE of exercises are KEY if you want to see results FAST. Do the WRONG exercises and you could be HURTING your backflip instead of helping it.

#2. You NEED to “UNDER STAND" physics

Understand PHYSICS... and the backflip will be a lot EASIER to comprehend and perform. Gravity is PULLING your body towards the ground. In order to jump OFF the ground, your legs must be able to apply enough force against the ground to launch your body weight up and exceed the amount of FORCE gravity is pushing DOWN upon you.

The more DEAD weight our legs must launch upward, the LOWER our jump will be. So any part of your body that isn't helping your jump is HURTING your jump. For example if you're not throwing your arms properly or in coordination with your jump, your arms will act as anchors pulling you towards the ground, instead of extra weight ASSISTING you in your battle against gravity.

When doing the backflip the same laws of physics apply. You are still going to have to throw ALL of your weight straight up in the air to get height. You must allow your body to reach optimum height before you begin your rotation into the back flip. This is called the "SET".

You set (or gain height from the jump) BEFORE you rotate. Once you begin rotating you KILL all of the upward momentum that you were providing with the jump. So if you DON'T allow your body to get sufficient height (or get a good set) before you rotate, you will not have enough TIME in the air to rotate back on your feet.

#3. "KNOWING" the right technique is "NOT" enough

The technique is NOTHING, you can figure out the technique by pausing a youtube video. But that is only PART of the equation. You can watch a move, and know how it's performed but that doesn't mean you will be ABLE to do it.

I can WATCH a guy do a double backflip off of something and figure out every little detail on how he EXECUTED the move. But If I went and tried it, without conditioning my mind and body and building muscle memory, it would most certainly not turn out the way I PICTURED it.

Now, don't get me wrong, knowing the exact execution is NEEDED. If we don't know how the move is even performed then we’re WORSE off than the guy who at least knows HOW to do it.

What you have to do is CONDITION your mind and body, build muscle memory. Just like learning how to WALK. You had to develop different muscles and body coordination. Areas of your BRAIN and BODY had to be conditioned.

Do this and the backflip will become as natural as doing a jumping jack. 

But HOW do you condition your mind and body for the back flip WITHOUT doing the back flip?















Here’s What’s In The Video:

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  • -The 5 Simple Steps for learning the backflip at your house with “no spotter or mats”.

  • -Techniques and forms for learning the backflip if you have access to a spotter.

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